Could this be the H3?
The Colorado-based Hummer H3, due to make an introduction in 2005 as an '06 model, is shown here in a photo-illustration based on the H3T Concept, as well as numerous spy photos.

STS Remote-Mount Turbo on Track For California EO
Preliminary emissions testing of the STS remote turbocharged Toyota Tacoma V-6 kit at Automotive Testing and Development Services Inc. indicates the system will pass California emission tests. This opens the door for an "Executive Order" number, allowing the unit to be sold for use on public roads in California.

In our May issue, we published a feature on the Mecham LSS Silverado that used an STS remote-mount turbocharger system. Because the turbo is mounted so far away from the engine, we were very skeptical about the driveability of this system. We were sure it'd have severe turbo lag. STS owner Rick Squires told us the system drives great and invited us out to his shop in Orem, Utah, a suburb to Salt Lake City, to testdrive a few turbocharged sport trucks.

We drove a turbocharged Tahoe and a V-6 Tacoma, and both drove and performed flawlessly. The trucks had minimal turbo lag, even at the 4,330-foot altitude of the Salt Lake area. The Tahoe produced good power and throttle response, even on a quick test trip up to 7,000 feet, and posted mid-7-second 0-60 mph times, which are comparable to what you'd expect of the truck at sea level.

But a quick burst of speed is easy compared to the punishment an engine endures towing a heavy load up a long grade. So we strapped on approximately 5,000 pounds of ski boat to a V-6 Tacoma and pulled a long grade out of Salt Lake City up into the Wasatch mountains. After about 60 seconds of full-throttle running, the intake air temperature stabilized at 80 degrees above ambient. That's not bad for a turbo system without an intercooler.

We think STS is on to something. We're planning an installation and a long-term test on one of these units to verify the claims of improved fuel efficiency and increased power output. For more information, contact: (866) WE-TURBO (938-8726),