Texas Extreme Truck Show
September 25-26 at the Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels Texas is truck country - extreme truck country - and we're putting on an extreme show to bring out the best trucks in Texas. We'll also have your favorite vendors and sponsors showing off the newest gear and styling ideas, not to mention, a bikini contest, an evening concert, wakeboarding competition, freestyle motocross show, motocross competitions on dirt course, skate park action, and other extreme activities.

The sponsors of this extreme show include JC Whitney, AIM Industries, Rhino Linings, Vortex Bedliners, Dealer's Sport Truck, advanced FLOW engineering, MagnaCharger, Stylin' Concepts, Gibson Exhaust, Alfa Otto, Rolling Big Power, ATS Design, Tucker's Classic Truck Parts, Smeding Performance, and Sir Michaels, so you know it's gonna be good. For more information, e-mail Amber Pierce at amber.pierce@primedia.com, or call her at (714) 939-2580

Banks' Twin-Turbo Sport Truck: It's Alive!
Last month, we showed the Banks Twin-Turbo SS454 test mule just after the crew dropped the dyno mule motor into the engine bay. This month, it's alive.

The reasoning for bringing the beast to life is to promote what Gale Banks Engineering is calling its "Back to the Future" Twin-Turbo systems. In short, the company has had these kits available before, but not with the advanced level of today's turbo technology, or necessarily designed to fit as cleanly in the engine bay of a '90s Silverado.

The Banks crew claims its new twin-turbo system contains everything you'll need to twin-turbo a Chevy small-block V-8 engine, from induction and exhaust manifolds, to wastegates, turbos, and every nut, bolt, line fitting, heatshield, flange, clamp, and hose to finish the job. About the only thing the systems don't include (besides the truck) is the fuel injection system, ignition system, throttle body, and front drive system.

We'll take Banks' word for it, especially after taking a couple of seriously tire-limited side-street 0-60 blasts. It's thoroughly quick: In the early testing, the combo, backed by a Doug Nash six-speed manual, pulled 119 mph in the quarter-mile after melting the posi clutches in the rearend.

This mule motor just came off dyno duty, had an aggressive cam, which is not needed with the turbo, but the wicked street machine idle added to its charm. The idea is to get the kit to meet the emissions requirements for the last generation of Silverado, thus making it legal for sale in all 50 states.

Just think of the possibilities: You could build a Lightning-eating, Ram SRT-10-chewing monster of a sport truck for about the price of a good used Lightning. You know, that's not a bad idea. For more information call Banks at (888) 635-4565 or visit bankspower.com.