Last month, we did what you could consider a double introduction for this new column. First off, we debuted Brainstorm, a page where I'll finally get to use the 3 billion hours that I spend sitting on an airplane on my way to and from shows around the country. The second meet-and-greet was for the staff of Sport Truck. I know it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you relate to the people you're reading stories from each month, so we busted out the full ninja-run on our Human Resources department to bring you an up-close-and-personal profile of the crew slaving at their desks and working hard to bring you your favorite mag each month.

Chances are, if you've been to a show in the last however-many years, you've probably met me. We may have kicked back and chatted about how the hell you stuffed 26-inch wheels under a body drop, or we may have just talked about the hangover from the previous night - either way, it was probably a good time. That's the best part about traveling across the country and hitting up all the shows - meeting the readers who support us each month. You guys are the reason why I even have a job, so thanks for the employment, and no, I won't detail your truck or "have a special talk with the judges" in return.

I'm sure you've noticed the changes within the magazine over the last few months. Seriously, it would be hard not to. As the man-in-command says, "We're tuning it up," and making it exactly what you want to see: some of the sickest customs, the best performance and styling tech, as well as the shows you can't wait to check out. I don't care if you're into track times less than 12 seconds or draggin' your truck for 12 miles, we're going to get you there and make your truck look good.

Next month when you flip to Brainstorm, what are you going to see? Who knows? It may be some Photoshopped truck that I'd love to see someone build, it may be a rant, a diatribe, or a stick figure drawing of your sister. I'm open to anything.

Until next month, burn it, drag it, and cut it. We'll be doing the same.