Missing Issues
To date I have sent many e-mails asking about Ron Cotton's (Dandenong, Victoria, Australia) missing issues and not one person has responded. Please, can you reply?
Wendy Anne
via e-mail

Thanks for your patience in this matter. As in all things corporate, you've got to get to the right department to make things happen, and unfortunately we don't always make that easy to do. You need to get in contact with our Subscriber Services at P.O. Box 51607 Boulder, Colorado. However, because you're an international subscriber, the phone number and e-mail printed in our magazine's masthead [(800) 800-8789, sporttruck@neodata.com] won't connect you. These work fine for North American readers, but for international fans, you can contact Subscriber Services by phone at (436) 447-6385 or by e-mail at sporttruck@palmcoastd.com.

Sept. '99 Article
I have a old issue of Sport Truck, and in the article titled "Retro-Jection," the author refers to a company called Street & Performance and includes the address in the sources box. Unfortunately, I have been unable to contact this company about particular parts that are listed in the article. Can you provide any info on this company or any other company that might have the parts listed in this article? Any help would be great. Thank you for a great magazine.
via e-mail

Thanks for the compliment. Here's the most recent contact info we have for Street & Performance:

Street & Performance
1 Hot Rod Ln.
Mena, AR 71953
(479) 394-5711

Back Issues
I was wondering if I could get some tear sheets (printed article with nothing printed on the back side) of a featured '99 Tahoe (Hoe Down) in the March '05 issue. The truck is silver/grayish and airbagged, and I believe Chad Fletcher was the owner at the time. My fiance bought this truck from Chad in December, and I thought it would be nice to get him something I could frame that was in a magazine. I would also like to purchase the magazine issue in which this Tahoe was featured, as my fiance has been carrying around the one he bought at the store, showing it off to his friends, so it's getting a little worn. Please let me know if any of this is at all possible.
Dulce Flores
via e-mail

Sorry, but we can't send you the tear sheets. You can, however, purchase back issues, which are available through Primedia by phone at (866) 601-5199 or e-mail at backissues-mailorder@primedia.com. Please specify what magazine year and issue(s) you need. Allow six to eight weeks for delivery.