We Rock The Middle East
Hey Sport Truck, it's Bader from Kuwait. I just wanted to say that you guys rule and your magazine does, too. It's helped me a lot in the past, and I am getting a Sierra now. I will send some pics after I finish everything. I hope you will like it. Thanks, and you guys ROCK.
Bader D.

No Problem
I just wanted to say thank you for putting my truck in your Readers' Rides section. It was in the Mar. '06 issue, page 140, Dodge Rumble Bee. Seeing it in the magazine just made me want to do more to it now. Thanks again.
John B.
via e-mail

Mr. Hankey,
Please excuse my bad spelling, but I wrote this letter as soon as I read your article about "The Five-0 Blues." I have been a Los Angeles police officer for more than 21 years. I am also a custom truck enthusiast. Not all cops are bad and a lot of us have been raised around custom vehicles, so we understand. A real cop doesn't have time to harass someone like Officer Keller harassed you. I apologize for that. In the police academy, two Mexican officers told us that people who invest money and time in their vehicles usually will not cause any problems. This is true. Some officers are "badge heavy" and that's the problem. I haven't been pulled over and I probably won't get a ticket when it happens, but I don't drag or act a fool because I am judged at a double standard and would be punished more severely. I do drive my truck to work and I lay it out-accidentally dragged the parking lot once!

I'm writing just to say sorry you were screwed with by someone with an authority complex. I am with a club and they know what I do. Thank God, they don't judge me because it would ruin my participation in the hobby. I have an '03 Silverado 'bagged by Go EZ owner Art Gomez. It's got 1/2-inch valves, wheeltubs, a bridge, and so on. I do show it. Thanks for a great magazine!
Darryl L.
Palmdale, California

Darryl, you may be the coolest cop on earth. I sure hope the next time I get rolled, it's by a guy like yourself who is down for the cause. Thanks! -Skids

Drop The Taco
I have an '05 Tacoma, and I want to know what is the best way to lower this truck. All I have ever owned have been S-10s and Blazers, and the Taco's suspension is a little different than an S-10. Thanks for the help.
Alan J.
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After just a quick search, we found a company that sells a lowering kit for the Tacoma. SOS Performance, www.sosperf.com, has the parts you need to get the truck down about 2 inches. Another great resource for this would be to log on to www.customtacos.com and check the forums. The site has a section dedicated to lowering the Tacoma and what a few owners have already done. Because this truck features a strut-type frontend, the parts will take a little longer to hit the shelves, but the back is a traditional leaf spring, and you can use a lowering block to get that down.

Cheap Kit For The C10
I have a '70 Chevy C10 2WD with rear coils, and I have heard that there is not a 2/4 suspension kit for it. Is this true? Have you heard of one without being really expensive, and can I do it myself with basic tools? Thanks for the help.
Jared M.
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There's definitely a kit for you. This is a very popular truck with plenty of companies selling parts to drop it. A quick look at Brotherstrucks.com online store revealed a set of 4-inch lowered rear coil springs for the rear of your truck (PN LCSE36R) that cost $119. The front springs (PN LCSE36F) cost the same, too. You'll want to invest in the right shocks to go along with the lowered stance, and the fronts (PN FGS6372) will run you about $57 for the pair, while the rears (PN RGS6372) cost the same amount. So, for less than $400 (plus tax), you can drop your C10, make it ride better than stock, and do it all in your driveway with handtools.