I found a very low-mileage (only 32,450 miles) '92 Chevy Silverado 1/2-ton shortbed pickup that had been stored for almost 10 years in an old shed with dirt floors. The truck belonged to a local farmer who quit driving after breaking his hip. His wife kept the truck in the shed after her husband went to a nursing home. He died and neither she (nor anyone else) drove the truck until I bought it at the estate sale after she passed. The truck has some obvious problems from poorly done long-term storage, but it was straight as an arrow with a price too low to pass up. My question involves the gas tank. The truck's battery was dead and the gas stunk. It smelled like old varnish. I had the truck towed home, and I've slowly been going through everything. I drained the old gas, but the nasty smell is still there. There's also a lot of surface rust on the outside of the tank, and I fear there's rust inside as well. There was noticeable sediment in the old gas. If I can avoid buying a new gas tank, that would be great. Can I salvage the original tank, or am I stuck buying a new one?
Jay Young
Ames, Iowa

If the gas in the tank was bad, the rest of the fuel system is probably bad, too. You'll very likely need to replace fuel lines and possibly the fuel pump. You might be able to thoroughly clean the old tank and still use it if the external rust doesn't bother you. There are companies that will clean and seal an old tank. If you can't find a shop that advertises this service, inquire at some radiator repair shops. They commonly do gas tanks, as well. There are chemical cleaning and sealing kits for the do-it-yourselfer. The Eastwood Company, 263 Shoemaker Rd., Pottstown, PA 19464, (800) 345-1178, www.eastwood.com, offers tank cleaning/sealing kits. Eastwood also has products for restoring the exterior of a gas tank. Probably the best way to ensure that the fuel system is free of debris and contaminants is to install a new gas tank. Replacement tanks for popular trucks, such as mid-Seventies to mid-Nineties GM products are easy to find and quite affordable. One source for these tanks is J.C. Whitney, 761 Progress Pkwy., LaSalle, IL 61301, (800) 529-4486, www.jcw.com. J.C. Whitney's tanks are duplicates of the originals and, in your case, cost about 200 dollars. The company also sells rustproof polyethylene gas tanks for about 30 dollars less. New mounting straps are available, as well. Given the length of storage and the less than ideal conditions, we'd go with a new tank if it were our truck.

Drip Grind
Why does the carpet in my '96 Ford Ranger get wet during hot weather when I use the air conditioning a lot?
Steve Kress
Salt Lake City, Utah

Because the technicians at the factory didn't properly position the evaporator strip seals to keep the water out. This was a problem on some '95-'96 Ford Rangers. Contact your Ford service department for repairs.

How Fargo?
I hope you don't think this is a dumb question, but how much trouble would it be to convert my '67 Dodge A100 pickup to a Fargo? I briefly saw one in British Columbia, and it looked almost identical to my A100. My truck is super rare around here, but I've never seen a Fargo.
Brandon Gilmore
via e-mail

It would be extremely difficult to make the conversion, not because the parts wouldn't easily interchange, but because you'd have to find someone with spare Fargo parts. To avoid future questions, the answer is: Fargo was the name given to Dodge trucks sold in Canada. It's the same reason there are Mercury pickups in Canada.

How Big Again?
What's the biggest wheel I can buy for my Chevy Silverado? Thanks in advance.
Joey Catone
via e-mail

Well, since you didn't ask what would fit and merely asked what you could buy, Pirelli just came out with a ridiculously large 30-inch-diameter tire, specifically for FIS Wheels. Of course, you'd have to lift your truck up an inch from stock or rip out the wheelwells just to fit the dang thing, but that's beside the point.