Wing It
Someone tried to break into my '87 Chevy Silverado by prying open the vent window. They broke the window latch but must have been scared off because they didn't touch my stereo system. Do you know where I can find the parts to repair the vent latch?
Evan Ng
via e-mail

There are reproduction vent window handle kits that include a new chrome handle and all the necessary springs and washers, and so on. There's a difference between the driver-side latch and the passenger's latch. One particular place we know that sells these inexpensive kits is J.C. Whitney, (800) 865-4227,

The Melvinator
I love John Melvin's Black Brawler Chevy on the cover of June's magazine, but I have to know how much horsepower and torque that crazy SS is pulling. Please let me know.
Paul Dorisse
via e-mail

The Melvinator's truck packs a pretty good punch. It runs deep into the 11s with a healthy shot of laughing gas. Straight from the horses mouth: "My engine builder estimates it at 700 horsepower on the motor and 770 on the bottle." Since the truck is all-wheel-drive, it's never seen a chassis dyno, so we'll just have to take John's engine builder's word for it.

Mike Demello of Hanford, California, models the latest in Sport Truck magazine prison wear for a proud member of the Hanford City Police Department. What'd ya do wrong, Mikey?