Like most truck fans, jonathan rascoe of spring, texas, is very devoted to the sport. He is so hardcore that he proposed to his girlfriend, april, in the feature of his '03 ford supercrew that ran in our oct. '06 issue. The proposal worked by catching her totally off guard and making for a more meaningful story for the two of them. In case you were wondering, she said yes, and by the time this goes to print, they will have been married.

Besides all of the mushy romantic stuff, we featured Rascoe's truck because it was well done with a clean two-tone paintjob and sat nicely over a set of 22s. After driving the truck consistently, Rascoe realized he made some poor technical choices on the truck's suspension and decided to revamp everything. The truck was recently dropped off at Ekstensive Metalworks to get the chassis set up for a set of 22- and 24-inch Billet Accessories Direct Deuce-style wheels. From there, it will be taken to Kustom Werx Autobody to get fully shaved and repainted. It's going to be a big overhaul, but Rascoe plans on having it all ready by the next show season.

10 Mostly Worthless Facts1.The '07 Ford F-450 boasts a maximum payload capacity of 6,000 pounds and a 24,000-pound maximum towing capacity.

2.Elvis' house is exactly 2,003.2 miles from our office.

3.Ford Truck has been partners with the American Quarter Horse Association since 2002.

4.The '93 Chevy 454SS pickups had 10 different general recall items and 210 different service-related bulletins, pertaining to everything from non-heat-treated crankshaft sprockets to door-lock cylinders that froze up during winter.

5.The easiest way to identify a Chevy Vortec small-block cylinder head is by the sawtooth pattern cast into the front. Look for casting number 12558062, but avoid casting number 10239906, which has a modified exhaust seat and loses 20 percent of its flow at 0.120-inch lift.

7.The '07 Toyota Tundra will accept 35-inch tires with nothing more than aftermarket front coilovers and new upper control arms. You can find both at and

6.The International Harvester Company was an agricultural firm that formed in 1902. Originally a manufacturer of high-quality specialty farming wagons, the company eventually produced its first water-cooled, front engine truck in 1915. The company is best known for its IHC Scout-model sport utility vehicle that is popular among off-roaders.

8.Zip ties make excellent spark-plug wire separators.

9.Inventory of Calin's wallet right now: One dollar bill, 10 random business cards, a coupon for Invisaline braces that he doesn't even need, a company insurance card for vehicles he never drives, a Circuit City receipt for a 27-inch TV that he's been debating returning for so long that the receipt is no longer legible, and-oh wait, he found a Benjamin stashed behind the three stamps he has, because he still uses snail mail.

10.Asparagus makes your urine smell funny.

Say What?The staff speaks and you listen. It's that simple. This month's question is: Calin: A GMC Syclone, and here is why. The staff of Sport Truck tested the Syclone back in October of 1990 and obtained 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds and a quarter-mile run in 13.08 seconds at 100.44 mph. Those are stock numbers, people. Imagine what it could do with a little tweaking. Plus, I really like the fact that these were limited-production vehicles, so the value should stay pretty high.

Mike: If I were a rich man, I'd have a '37 or '38 Hudson Terraplane. I love the lines of these old trucks, and although they are hard to find, I'd have no qualms about laying it flat on the pavement.