Your Lucky Day!
Could you help me out and inform me if you have ever printed a tech article about an '02-'06 Escalade front-end conversion on a '99-'06 fullsize GM? Please let me know, so I can get a back issue. Thanks.
Z. Arredondo
via e-mail

You must have eaten a whole box of Lucky Charms this morning, because in this very magazine you'll find the front-end swap you're looking for.

Get My Drift?
I love to watch the NOPI drifter cars on TV, and I like watching them in person even better. My thing is trucks, but I was wondering if a guy could be a successful drifter in a fullsize pickup? I think that would be crazy-wild, and I bet the spectators would love it.

I drive a '91 Chevy 454 SS. I've entered it in a couple burnout contests, and it's done real well. It's definitely got the power to fry the tires, so I'm thinking it could work well drifting. What do you think?
Jeremy Voss
via e-mail

Smoke 'em, if you got 'em. We'd pay good money to watch you drift a big old 454 SS. Hey, it has rear-wheel drive and tons of torque (405 lb-ft net torque at 2,400 rpm), although horsepower is a little light at 155 net at 4,000 rpm. The factory handling package, Bilstein gas shock absorbers, and locking rear differential with 4.10 gears would seem to be performance-oriented. This wasn't bad for a truck in 1991, but a 454 SS is no sports car. All the ones we've driven seem very light and bouncy in the rear end. We think the nose-heavy weight bias has a lot to do with you winning burnout contests.

We like the idea of drifting trucks, but we don't think your truck has the right stuff, at least not in stock form.

Why, Why, Why
I got one for you: an '04 Chevy TrailBlazer LT 4x4. I have yet to see them make a mag or web page yet that features a TrailBlazer. My only question is why? I need help finding out what my options are as far as customizing my TrailBlazer. I want to go up about 4 to 6 inches and hook up some 40s or something on it. Can you send me in the right direction? If a Yukon and a Suburban can go up, then so can I. Thanks a lot.
Cherry Point, North Carolina

Why? Because...because I said so...go ask your mother. Did you ever notice how similar the words why and whine are? Enough about our poor parenting skills. As occasionally objective journalists, we simply report and photograph trends-we don't start them-we have been known to flog our favorites to death, but we don't start them. This is a golden opportunity for you to be a trendsetter. When taller TrailBlazers are built, we'll photograph them.

We don't think your height aspirations are unreasonable, but 40s are a lot of tire. That doesn't mean it can't be done-the only real "can't" in truck customizing is "I can't afford it."

You need to find a qualified shop that specializes in lifted trucks. The best way to find a top-notch shop is to attend shows and find trucks you admire with custom fabrication work, not just a bunch of bolt-on parts. Talk to the owners, or check show placards for shop credits, and get recommendations. When your TrailBlazer is up where you want it, send us some photos.