Poor Grammar And A Poor Paintjob Won't Win The St Challenge
A few weeks ago I bought your rag off the shelf as I saw: Show 'N' Go 16 trucks that look good and haul ass!

I was searching for info to help me hook my '63 pick up. The brown '70 C10 you featured in this issue I though might be of some help. While thumbing through it I got to Dad would be proud (he's talking about the cover feature on Mike Cotten's C10 -ed.). Yes I was the one that wrote in telling you how unfunctional that truck is (he's talking about a previous e-mail he sent saying how Cotten's truck wouldn't run with the N20 shot and big throttle body mentioned in the story -ed.). I had to set your magazine down after that and told myself I did not want to ever pick one up again.

After finishing some of my other magazines having skimmed CC, HR a few more times, there laid your rag again, so I picked it up again to read the article I originally bought it for. I got to the article and what did I find? 16 trucks of which, six of them I would consider moderately fast to fast.

Come on guys.. You have:
Two 19.xx trucks
Two 16.xx trucks
Four 15.xx trucks
One 14.xx truck

The rest I'll give you as moderately fast to fast. Since when are 19.xx trucks/cars haulin ass?

Here is a link of my 63's debut at Sacramento raceway. Ran it Fri night and Sat:

There are 9 passes in all on the video. Not the prettiest truck, but faster than 90% of the trucks you Featured.

Few minor changes and I can see it going 11.9x on the motor. Just wait till I actually turn the bottle on. The 2 stage hit should get it in the 10's.
Shaun Liddy
Aromas, California

Thanks for all the e-mails you sent,Shaun. that's a great video of your truck running as well. did you miss the part of the story where we spelled out the rules of the Sport truck Challenge? having a greatlooking truck is every bit as important as having a fast truck. Your truck is fast for sure, but you'd better throw a paintjob on that thing before you talk smack on last year's Challenge competitors. in case you didn't read the whole story, the fastest truck didn't take home the cash, the trophy, or the winner's jacket. if you think your truck can win, then by all means bring it to havoc '08. We'll be in bowling Green, Kentucky, August 2-3.

Find Me A Custom Truck
I am looking to buy a low-mileage custom show truck that can be driven daily. I am really into the '96-'02 Chevy Silverado and '99-'02 Ford F-150. Can you suggest any good websites or know of any out there for sale?
Robert Carwell
Las Vegas, Nevada

The internet has really simplified truck shopping, especially when you are looking for a show truck. here are a few good sites to shop at: www.mautofied.com, www.craigslist.com, www.cars-on-line.com, and we've got a classified section on our site at www.sporttruck.com. Happy hunting!

Wanted: Tahoe 2d 2Wd
I'm having a terrible time finding a good deal on a loaded, low-mileage, '96-'98 Chevy Tahoe two-door with two-wheel drive and barn doors. Prices seem way too high for the high-milers I'm finding. Do you know a good place to find these trucks? Why are they so expensive?
Jason O'Connell
via e-mail

If we knew where a great deal was on the tahoe you describe, we'd buy it. the problem is the old supply and demand. Everyone begged Gm to make 2Wd fullsize blazers/ tahoes (especially custom-truck magazine editors). Gm made them but didn't sell enough, so it quit. then all the procrastinators (us included) complained, but to no avail. The smart guys got theirs and now people want them more than people that have them want to sell. hence, high prices.