Zoom Zoom
I know you've addressed questions about adding Funny Car or drag-racing styling cues to trucks before, but have you ever covered exhaust systems? I've got a '72 Chevy C10 longbed pickup that's a little rough around the edges. I've also got a 468ci big-block with a 6-71 blower that I previously had in a Pro Street Camaro. The Camaro was rear-ended at a stoplight. The damage was so extensive that the car had to be scrapped. I bought the salvage rights back from my insurance company so I could keep as many good parts as possible.

What I decided to do was temporarily put as many parts as possible on my '72 shop truck. I hope to find another Camaro, so I don't want to spend much money on the truck's so-so body. For that reason, I've decided to try for a rough-around-the-edges, bad-boy race-truck look. The truck is various colors but mostly black primer.

I got the nose good and low by using the Camaro's front suspension, which was set up for the blown big-block. I tubbed the rear wheels after I replaced the damaged Camaro parts.

I plan to run the truck with the hood off to show off the engine. My question is about running Funny Car-style zoomie headers on the street. I saw some old street freaks in Car Craft a million years ago with zoomie headers, so I know it can be done.

This truck will surely attract lots of attention, so I'd like to be as close to legal as possible. What can I do as far as mufflers? How did those old street freaks do it? I'd appreciate any help you can provide.
John Barry
via e-mail

We vaguely remember some of those old street freaks. They caused quite a sensation in their day (and would surely do so today). We saw an Opel GT with a flip-up body at an early Street Machine Nationals. We think it had a blown early Hemi and ran on alcohol. Supposedly, there were some motorcycle baffles in each zoomie tube, but more likely the guy was just taking his chances running a race car on the street. We also remember a '68-'72 Nova with a stretched nose and zoomie headers, but we couldn't find any of those cars in our old magazines.

You could try baffles in each tube, but we seriously doubt that they would get you off an equipment-violation ticket. But if you want to get the insert-style mufflers that are available for zoomies, give Rewarder Custom Headers a call. The company offers a set of mufflers for $195 that will quiet down the exhaust somewhat (although not to a legal, 90dB level). You can reach Rewarder at www.rewarderheaders.com or (805) 445-1015.

I Want That!
In your March '08 issue on page 42 you have a picture of Kevin Crouch's '97 Chevy. In an accompanying photo you show two items that he won: Superlift's Season VI Off-Road Adventures DVD and a piston-shaped coffee mug. Who sells this mug? I think this is pretty cool and would very much like to have one. I subscribe to Sport Truck and look forward to it every month. Keep up the good work.
J. Abbott
Lakeland, Florida

Want to cut your prime rib steak with an open-end wrench or a pair of chrome-plated pliers? Wrenchware (www.wrenchwareinc.com) has what you need. That piston coffee cup is rad, but we've got our eyes on the tire bowl for eatin' cereal.