10 Mostly Worthless Facts
1. Sport Truck's art director, Andy, started demo'ing his house last year in preparation for a remodel.

2. Art directors make serious coin.

3. Andy has spent the last two months living in a cabover camper in his driveway while the construction is underway. He's a trooper, and by trooper we mean he's too cheap to spring for a motel.

4. However, Andy's wife, Elaine, has moved into a friend's house instead of sticking it out in the camper with her man. Please don't judge her for it.

5. The cabover camper isn't attached to a pickup like it should be. Andy needs his truck to commute to work in, and it's likely he's too lazy to move his new home every day. We understand. The camper is sitting on stilts in the driveway with Andy's '54 Pontiac parked beneath it. It looks ghetto fabulous.

6. Andy's neighbors hate him. Right now, the driveway is full of construction materials, the camper, the old Pontiac, and a Port-O-Crapper for the construction workers to meditate in. The smell is fabulous.

7. We've determined that since Elaine doesn't technically live with Andy anymore, when she comes home after work it could be construed as a conjugal visit.

8. Last night, Andy was awakened by the sound of the Port-O-Crapper being knocked over in his yard by either the neighborhood hoodlum kids or their angry parents. We can't be sure of which because Andy wasn't about to dash outside the camper in his tighty-whities to gather evidence. He's a little shy.

9. Andy's house is looking really good.

10. He might get his wife back in about a week after the new toilets are installed. Then again, Andy is doing much of the flooring and plumbing work himself, so this might take a little while... at least that's what he's telling Elaine. In Vegas, we're getting 4 to 1 odds that the plumbing mysteriously takes an extra week to install, but somehow the big-screen TV, recliner, and refrigerator make it into the house on schedule.