There are various colored leaf materials that have a variegated pattern. These extra veins of color add interest to the leaf. Depending on the colors you choose for your two-tone, you could put a small amount of candy toner in the clear to make the silver leaf more interesting. You wouldn't want to hide the silver leaf, but just tint it with a complementary or contrasting color. We like the idea of a candy lime-green tint over the silver leaf with a black upper body color and candy purple or deep candy-blue lower body color. if the green is too much, just leave the silver leaf alone.

To accentuate your two-tone (especially if black is the top color), it would be nice to deep-tint the rear side windows. Putting a dark color on top helps to visually lower the truck.

We like the idea of emulating the Buick (Dodges also had some wild three-tone paint combos) three-tone look. Black would be the best roof and windshield-post color. Then the hood and side of the Blazer down to the simulated side trim would be the second color. The lower area would be the third color. Risky, but it could work.

If you really wanted to drive home the Buick theme, you could add some "portholes." That's what they called the three or four front fender vents. The less expensive models had three portholes, and the top-of-the-line Buicks had four. You could use real portholes or airbrush them.

Reo Grand
Mike, you were right on target with your Feb. '08 editorial. I totally agree with you. As much as I like my Chevys, get tired of seeing them being puked out of the Chevy Clone Machine.

My biggest concern about daring to be different is keeping costs in line. I've got a Joe job and I have to sell each old project before I can start another one. Paint doesn't care what kind of metal it coats-it all costs the same. Therefore, it's kind of risky for a paycheck-to-paycheck guy to build something he might have trouble selling. That could be why you see the "patina pickups" that are simply bagged and billet-wheeled.

I've always liked 2WD fullsize Blazers, and I agree that a Dodge Ramcharger would be just as cool. The Dodges have very clean lines except for that goofy roof vent. I appreciate your efforts to keep the custom-truck hobby fresh.
Cole Wilson
via e-mail

I'm in the same boat as you: I can't keep any truck if I want to build another one. By the same token, my '67 is still wearing three shades of primer, rust, and factory green. Blazers will always be cool, and the couple of Ramcharger pics that have come through the ol' e-mail inbox recently are inspiring. -Mike