Scout On The Horizon
Here's a few more suggestions regarding your February editorial. International made a lot of unique SUVs and pickups. A boxy little firstgeneration 2WD Scout with either the half-cab (a mini Fleetside pickup) or the full roof would look great on the pavement. The Scout ii came in a half-cab pickup called the Scout Terra ('76-'80). How about a '60s 1/2-ton international pickup with the factory 6-foot bed?

You mentioned the Dodge Ramcharger. Even more unique would be the Plymouth version, the Trailduster. You mentioned the Plymouth Arrow mini pickup (Dodge Ram 50), but what about the even smaller Dodge Rampage and Plymouth Scamp? One of those little front-wheeldrive trucklets with a turbocharger could be the way to have your truck and good fuel economy too.

There's a whole lot of unique stuff that wears the Jeep label: FC150 Forward Control cabover pickups, '63-'69 Gladiator pickups (small-grille models), '70-and-later wide-grille Jeep J10 pickups, Jeep Cherokee two-door wagons, Jeep J10 Honcho stepside pickups, Jeep panel trucks, and Jeep Comanche pickups.

If you're gonna include foreign iron like the Subaru Brat, why not include VW "Double Cabin" pickups with their unique, fold-down bedsides and the little front-wheel-drive Rabbit pickups?

First-generation Ford Broncos are cool, but the 2WD ones are super-rare and the 4x4 models are gold to the off-road crowd.

I'm sure there are a lot more possibilities, but that's all I could think of for now. Keep up the good work.
Matt Franklin
via e-mail

A VW laid out would be awesome, and the Scamp would make a great low-buck cornercarver. Hopefully, someone will send pictures of anything on your list or mine soon. -Mike

Dissin' Dodges
I just finished your March '08 issue, and i want to tell you how disappointed I was with your SEMA coverage. From looking at it, I'm guessing there were no Dodge trucks there. I saw nothing but cookie-cutter Chevys, a Toyota, and a Ford. While i am probably not your average sport truck enthusiast, at 55 years old, I would think that your readers must get tired of who has the biggest wheels or who can get their Chevy the highest off the ground. I guess I'll go back in the garage and start wrenching on my '66 Mustang. I'm totally bored trying to get ideas for my Dodge pickup from Sport Truck magazine.
Robert Mason
via e-mail

If you build it, they will come. We can't force customizers to build Dodges, Robert. There were very few of them at the SEMA Show, and obviously none of them caught the eye of any of our photographers. We'll try harder next year.