Say What?
The staff speaks and you listen. It's that simple. This month's question is:

Is It lame to lift your truck if you never plan to drive it off-road?

Mike: Style is king. Think about it.

Calin: I don't think so. That's like asking, "Is lowering your truck lame if you never take it on a racetrack?" There are a lot of people out there, including myself, who like the ominous look of a lifted truck but would never take it out and drag it down rocks or get it stuck in the mud. Fixing paint sucks, and it is a royal pain in the butt to detail the undercarriage after mud bogging.

Galen: I think the look is cool and if you're in an area where the streets are not as well maintained as they should be it would be an advantage, instead of replacing a wheel every other week. The down side would be increased fuel and maintenance costs. Lifting your truck creates more drag on the truck, which cuts into fuel economy and adds more wear and tear on the drivetrain and braking system. If the truck's primary purpose is to be a show truck and it has a high-end paintjob and chrome undercarriage, I think that a street-application style is the right look. If anything, it lessens the temptation to take the truck off-road and break something.

Kevin: Well, does it seem wrong that my show-ready Chevy S-10 has a naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine? I don't think so, and it is kind of the same deal. People always think that my truck can go fast because it has a pretty paintjob. Not so true. My truck may not go anywhere too fast, but it looks good doing it. If you build a truck to do serious off-roading, then most likely it won't be comfortable to drive on the road. I think a lot of the time we modify our street-driven trucks for the sake of adding style, and I can dig that.

Andy: Since this question has been posed to a bunch of custom-truck nuts, the obvious answer is "No." I think a truck with a killer aggressive-looking lift by means of some really ingenious suspension system is a thing of beauty. The same could be said of a system that brings the truck closer to the ground. Now, I'd bet 20 bucks if you pose this question to some true hardcore off-roader he would probably laugh at the sight of some lifted beast that has all form and no function.

Sport Truck Slang Term O' The Month
#666: Ghetto bird (ge?t'o brd) n. In the 'hood, the clich goes that there are so many police helicopters in the air flying around chasing criminals that they look like birds. That's how you get the term ghetto bird. The next time you're around a bunch of BMW-driving yuppies, go ahead and drop this on 'em: "The damn ghetto bird was circlin' the bar so I had to break out early last night."