Go Ahead and Build That '78 Dodge
Govenor C.L. Otter of Idaho signed into law SEMA's H.B. 365 which creates a new definition for replica vehicles. What's cool about this deal is that if you build a replica of a '69 Ford F-100 or a '78 Dodge Ramcharger, the truck only has to meet the safety and emissions standards for the particular model year of the vehicle you're replicating. This means you can swap drivetrains and go big in the horsepower department as long as it's got the O.G. emissions equipment and as long as you live in Idaho. Sweet!

10 mostly worthless facts

1. On '08 Ford Super Duty trucks, the side badges on the front fenders aren't just there to display the engine displacement. They are also functional side vents that dissipate heat from the engine compartment.

2. It's impossible to lick your elbow-unless you are Gene Simmons.

3. The cable cars in San Francisco are our nation's only mobile national monument.

4. There is a rumor circulating the world that Coca-Cola was originally green. Maybe now only on St. Paddy's Day.

5. From 1948 to 1953, the cabs of all Ford F-1 to F-4 models were interchangeable. Significant redesigns subsequently changed all that as Ford's golden anniversary approached.

6. Datsun freaks need to go here: www.forum.ratsun.net.

7. In 1980, if you wanted to add an electric clock to your new Chevy LUV at the dealer, it was gonna run ya 55 bones. But if you wanted an AM/FM radio, that would only set ya back 33 bucks. So in 1980, time cost more than music. Crazy.

8. The term "sideburns" came about thanks to a man with unusual facial hair named Ambrose Burnside.

9. Texting while driving is lame, even though we're guilty of doing it.

10. 75 percent of you will probably try to lick your elbow now, and only 62.5 percent of you know who Gene Simmons is.