The days are getting a little shorter, and football season is right around the corner. And just like watching a game on the gridiron, you're beginning to need a program to keep things straight in the world of trucks. Here's what's happening.

Nissan & Suzuki
Beginning this fall, you'll be able to buy a midsize pickup from your local Suzuki dealer. The new truck, called the Equator, may look vaguely familiar-especially if you own a Nissan Frontier. With the exception of a different grille and some other minor styling touches, they're the same truck (the images show a slightly modified concept vehicle).

When it comes out later this year, the Suzuki Equator will be available with rear- and four-wheel drive, with extended and crew cabs, and with four- and six-cylinder engines (2.5L and 4.0L). The Equator will be built alongside Frontiers in Tennessee.

If you already own a Suzuki motorcycle or ATV, now you can haul or tow them in a truck with the same name!

Chrysler & Nissan
Seems like Nissan knows how to share and share alike. Chrysler and Nissan recently announced that Dodge would build the next-generation replacement for the fullsize Nissan Titan. The 2011 Nissan truck (yet to be named) will be based on the new Ram 1500, but the exterior and interior design will come from Nissan.

Nissan and Chrysler may also codevelop engines, but it's too early to know if the Nissan will get the Hemi. Anybody know how to say Hemi in Japanese?

Toyota Mini-Truck
We've just heard from Toyota, and the official word is that the company is "encouraged" about the great reception people have given the A-BAT concept truck.

If you didn't see the A-BAT in person at one of this season's auto shows or in print in the May '08 issue of Sport Truck, what you missed looks like a small Honda Ridgeline or a tiny Chevy Avalanche. The A-BAT incorporates clever features from both the Honda and Chevy, including built-in bed storage and a folding midgate.

Beyond its Swiss Army knife-like utility, this truck has two more important things going for it: It's small like the compact trucks from the 1970s, plus the concept uses the hybrid powertrain from the Toyota Prius so it gets great gas mileage.

While the company hasn't promised production, at least the idea is not dead, and that's a good thing.

Two New Hummers
Hummer has been downsizing its trucks since the giant H1 blasted across Middle Eastern deserts and into a showroom near you.