10 mostly worthless facts
1.Sometime in the late eighteenth century, a British judge allegedley proclaimed that a man is allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. That's how we got the term "rule of thumb." Pretty lame, huh?

2.Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel broke 40 different bones in his body during his crash-filled stunt career.

3.Calin's goatee is now 5 3/4 inches long, although it looks much longer and more menacing without the ruler underneath it.

4.The '08 Ford Super Duty's front towhooks measure 27 mm in diameter.

5.Mike Cotten was the first black man on the cover of Sport Truck (Dec. '07). He's like the Tiger Woods of redneck truck fabrication.

6.Fred and Wilma Flintstone were the first TV husband and wife to be seen together in bed on the boob tube. Go Freddy, go Freddy!

7.In 1987, Ford had to recall the new Bigfoot Cruiser Edition Ford Ranger built by Scherer Truck Equipment because the company installed the wrong lug nuts on the axles. The lug nuts had a different taper than the seats in the wheels, causing them to come loose and fall off. But more importantly, the Bigfoot Cruiser had a power limo rear window!

8.It's a bad idea to break in your new engine with synthetic oil in the crankcase. We've never gotten a straight answer from any oil company why it's a bad idea. They just tell us something like synthetic oil is too slippery for the rings to seat properly in the bores.

9.A throttle-position sensor is used to aid a computer-controlled transmission in shifting at the appropriate time.

10.The Ford Courier nameplate was not originally bestowed on the mini-truck produced from '72 to '82. Ford build the Courier Sedan Delivery in 1952, which was based on the Ranch Wagon car line, which eventually became the Falcon in 1960. Yeah, we feel dumb now too.