In the neverending quest to keep products new (or at least looking new), Nissan recently announced that the '09 Frontier will look out at the world through a new front fascia, wear new wheels (16-inch and 18-inch), and be available in some new packages, including the PRO-4X off-road model. This new trim level features Bilstein off-road high-pressure shock absorbers, additional skidplates on the oil pan and transfer case, an electronic rear differential locker, two- or four-wheel limited-slip differentials, and unique, machine-finished, 16-inch aluminum-alloy off-road wheels with large BFGoodrich P265/75R16 Rugged Trail tires.

If you didn't already know, the Frontier is a pretty serious truck. It's based on the fullsize Nissan Titan, but in place of the Titan's V-8 the Frontier uses a DOHC 4.0L V-6 with 261 hp and 281 lb-ft torque.

Rumors Of Ford F-100
With bits of news coming from manufacturing suppliers and leaks within Ford Motor Co., it seems that Ford will produce a downsized version of the F-150 and may call it the F-100. The truck could be available as early as 2011 and would get naturally aspirated and turbocharged versions of Ford's corporate 3.5L V-6. It is also possible that a 4.4L diesel V-8 will be part of the engine mix. It's expected that Ford will introduce the 4.4L in the F-150 for 2010.

10 Mostly Worthless Facts
1.In the television show Sanford and Son, Redd Foxx rocked a '51 Ford F-1 pickup in the opening and closing credits of all 135 episodes.

2.The change from F-1 to F-100 designations occurred the same year as Ford's golden anniversary, 1953.

3.Larger accelerator pump squirters are not always the answer for a starting line carburetor bog. Just because you can drill them out to 0.060 doesn't mean you should.

4.By the time you read this, someone on the Sport Truck staff will probably have received a ticket for talking on his cell phone while driving. It will probably be Mike.

5.After he gets that ticket, he can mail it to to get his free Bluetooth headset so he can talk legally.

6.Mike's '67 C10 is in pieces again. The good news though is that the firewall no longer has any holes in it. The bad news about the lack of holes is that the truck doesn't run now. We guess you gotta go backward to go forward.

7.Calin is about to take his S-10 to the Fresno Havoc show. We thought we'd never see the day come when he went to one of those again.

8.Kevin is blowing his two weeks vacation to go to Texas where his S-10 is being finished, and then he's driving it all the way back to Cali'.

9.You can find those pesky traffic light cameras in your neighborhood by visiting for constantly updated info and GPS-based warning systems.

10.Millionaire Powel Crosley started his own car company back in 1939. By 1940, he debuted the Parkway Delivery truck, which was powered by the twin-cylinder Waukesha engine and had an 80-inch wheelbase. Not many clowns fit in that tiny trucker.