Can I Get A Tow?
I own an '01 Chevy S-10 LS Extended Cab V-6 Vortec. I currently have a 2/3 drop with 18s. I was looking to purchase a fullsize in order to haul my '51 Ford F-1, but with rising gas prices I quit the search. I was wondering, can an S-10 handle the weight load of the F-1 on a trailer? If not, what modifications could be made, or would I just be better off buying the fullsize and paying extra gas money?
Cdt. Nolan Martin
United States Military Academy

Your truck has a maximum towing capacity of 5,200 pounds. Your F1 has a curb weight of between 3,025 and 3,065 pounds, depending on whether it's equipped with the original six- or eight-cylinder engine. Add in 1,800-2,500 pounds for the lightest 16-foot car trailers commonly sold today and you've got a gross load of 5,565 pounds. Could you haul this load with your S-10? Yes. Should you do it? We'd advise against it. On flat ground with no crosswinds coming at you, your mini-truck will probably do the job. But out on the open highway, we'd say it's a recipe for disaster. Anytime the load being towed is at or near the curb weight of the vehicle pulling it, you've got to worry about stopping or worse, getting blown off the side of the road. We suggest towing with a fullsize truck with a towing capacity that's at least 10-percent higher than the load it's saddled with. Hope this helps.

We Stand Corrected
I thought you might like to point out to your readers that while Jason Riner's truck is labeled as a '53 ("Calling Card," June '08), the cab is actually a '54. You can tell because Chevrolet redesigned the trucks with a one-piece windshield instead of a two-piece, and it restyled the dash. Also, Chevrolet doubled up in 1955 on body styles-a first and second series.
Jared McCulloch
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Where Can I Get
I need a low-profile tonneau cover for a Stepside Chevy C10. The box is a '73-'87 style but my truck is an '86 model. I can't find one. Can you help me get one, please? Also, can I install power windows in my truck? It has cranks now.
Enrique Huerta
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You can find a low-pro bedcover by visiting Power window conversions are available from quite a few of our advertisers. LMC Truck, Spal, Brothers, and Classic Industries all offer the parts to convert your manual doors. And if you want to get rid of the vent windows, One Piece Products can sell you a one-piece power window conversion as well.

Gimme A Job!
Hey guys, jw who, how, and what someone would have to do to be a photographer/editor for your magazine ? its one of my favorites.

love trucks, bikes, and photography...currently use a canon 40d to shot pix in ohio, but willing to relocate....building a 92 chevy dually bodydropped with semi wheels currently currently work as a LPN at summit county jail, but wanna go future with something that i love to do. scott

Given that a major portion of an editor's job responsibilities includes editing, the first thing you should do is learn to use the spelling and grammar check programs built into your computer when soliciting employment.

Now that we've got that out of the way, you should put together a resume and portfolio of your work that you can submit to prospective employers. Breaking into the magazine business is no different than any other industry. You just need to present yourself and your skills to employers until you find that one that wants to hire you.

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