Say What?
The staff speaks and you listen. It's that simple. This month's question is:
Like smoking inside of burger king, it's now illegal to talk on the cell phone while driving in california. Will you abide by the law and buy a star trek ear piece, modify your truck for hands-free phone operation, or give the man the middle finger and keep on dialin' while drivin'?

Kevin: I just want to state that this law is not going to improve safety on the road. There are still stupid drivers out there getting distracted by other things in their vehicles. If nothing else, I'm sure a lot of people will still get distracted while trying to figure out how to operate that new Bluetooth device. From what I recall, the use of headphones while driving a vehicle is already illegal. So, doesn't this make an earpiece like a bluetooth illegal too? Or is it still legal because you can still hear with one ear.

Anyhow, I will abide by the law because I cannot afford to get a ticket. The Bluetooth option won't work because it's not feasible for me to charge its power often just so I can talk for a few minutes. Also, having a phone conversation is not important enough for me to modify my vehicle for a hands-free system. I'll just stick to the headset that came with my phone. Its not wireless, but it'll get the job done.

Calin: I'm kind of glad they passed this law, even though it will be a pain in the butt for most. I am very tired of people swerving and encroaching in my lane while they are dialing their stupid phones. I don't think I'll buy an ear piece-I'll just not pick up until I'm at my destination. I don't like having a leash, I mean cell phone, anyway. This will just give me one more excuse not to use it, so call at your own risk.

Mike: I get a lot accomplished on the phone while driving, so I'll just outfit the truck with Bluetooth because I hate holding the phone or wearing an earpiece anyway.

Andy: Lucky for me, depending on how you look at it, my truck got broken into last year and all my stero equipment stolen out of it. Knowing the Hands-Free law was soon coming up I opted for a Bluetooth enabled stero as a replacement. The lucky part of the story is that the insurance company paid for the new unit so I was not out the few hundred bucks that it cost. I think that if the old stereo hadn't been stolen I would probably have gone out and got a headset and looked like I had been assimilated into the Borg. Of course I wouldn't wear the thing around like it's some sort of jewelry like I see some idiots doing. I mean what's up with that? You look like a tool with that thing attached to your face!

Sport Truck Slang Term O' The Month
#2,800: pinch (pi?nch) v.
Pinching isn't limited to the body mod associated with custom trucks. To get pinched also means to get picked up by the cops or to steal something. You can also get pinched if you pinch someone's rims.