10 Mostly WorthlessFacts
1. In 1814 in the London parish of St. Giles, a ruptured brewery tank containing nearly 3,500 barrels of beer flooded the town, killing nine people and injuring others. We still say beer does a body good.

2. The average home creates more pollution than the average car. Soon, you'll have to have your house smog-tested.

3. During the Eisenhower administration, major interstate highways constructed under the National Interstate Highway System were numbered according to their direction of travel. Northbound and southbound highways have one- or two-digit odd numbers that grow from west to east. Eastbound and westbound highways are denoted by even numbers with the numbers growing larger from south to north.

4. William Phillips Eno (1845-1958) invented the stop sign, penned the first police traffic-code book, and designed traffic patterns for New York City and London. That's pretty impressive stuff for a man who never drove a car. He preferred horseback riding and a chauffeur when he travelled great distances.

5. Clinophobia is the fear of beds. We wonder what the fear of making the bed is, because we suffer from that.

6. A sneeze travels out of your mouth at over 100 mph! Calin wishes his S-10 was that fast.

7. The ZIP in ZIP code stands for "zone improvement plan."

8. In September 1987, the wife of Godfather of Soul James Brown was arrested for speeding and drug possession in Georgia. At her trial in 1988, her lawyer's defense was that she should be granted diplomatic immunity because of her husband's "diplomatic" status. The ploy didn't work.

9. A jiffy is an actual unit of time for 1/100 of a second

10. Pain travels through your body at 350 feet per second. So, it only takes a jiffy to figure out something is a pain in your ass.