You're In The Mag Now!
I am a current subscriber to your magazine and have previously had my vehicle shown in the Homegrown Haulers section. My truck is a '99 SS/S-10 Extended Cab. I am preparing to completely overhaul my truck's custom exhaust system into a true dual exhaust system with full-length headers.

What I want to know is what it would take to have the photos of the job I am doing shown in your magazine. I have seen many other projects in your magazine and am unsure as to whether individuals took their own photos or if your staff takes the photos. I have not started any of the work yet. I will wait until I hear from you.

I intend to do all of the work on this myself. Not only am I replacing the custom exhaust that is already on my truck, but I am converting it from an EGR to a non-EGR system. I will also be removing the third oxygen sensor. This will require using the Jet Dynamic Spectrum tuner that I have purchased as well.
Tony Arana
via email

Tony, thanks for your email. Hopefully, this reply finds you in time so that we don't hold up your exhaust project too long. We'd love to see photos of the work you do, but at this point we couldn't say whether or not we can print them. First, we need to see if they are of printable quality. Second, we are wondering what the reason is for replacing the EGR equipment. Since you are a California resident and subject to the same smog inspection the rest of us are, then your new exhaust design will present a problem every two years when it's time to test the truck.

Model Behavior
Hi there! Model inquiry for Kevin: I'd love to find out if there's a place for me between your covers ;) All kidding aside, what's the best way to submit photos to be considered for a pinup feature? I don't have my own truck, but I do have a decent set of wheels. Thanks kindly!
J.J. "Dynamite" Wilder
via email

Kevin doesn't have covers. He sleeps in a coffin. There's not much room in there for anyone else, but you can send your portfolio to and he may just get back to ya about a feature shoot.