Retraction Statement
The power antenna on my '90 Silverado is stuck in the up position. I noticed that it wouldn't go down after I installed a new battery. How could installing a new battery cause the antenna to quit working?
Ken Stubbin
via email

Various GM products, including '89-'90 C/K trucks equipped with the Delco Advanced Electronically Tuned Radio and power antenna, have been known to have antenna problems after installing a new battery or after jump-starting a dead battery.

Sometimes fixing the antenna is as simple as turning off the radio, turning off the ignition, disconnecting the negative battery cable from the battery, and then reconnecting the cable. That may reset the retraction function.

If that doesn't fix things, the problem is most likely with the radio's software. Fixing that requires sending the radio to an authorized Delco service center.

The Case of the Disappearing Company
I want to know where you found the Rotrex C38 supercharger that was put on the Stealth Bomber '06 Silverado project truck. Mike Finnegan wrote an article on it (Apr. '07). Also, what is the difference between the C38 and an STS turbo kit? Where do you guys find such great mechanics? I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Do you know of any here? What product do you recommend? What about do-it-yourself? Please enlighten me. I just bought and installed some Baer brakes. I would like to put them to the test!
via e-mail

Unfortunately, Wheel 2 Wheel Powertrain, the company that distributed the supercharger kit for our truck, is no longer around. The Michigan-based company was full of great talent, and although it's out of business a few of the engine builders and fabricators who made it great have opened their own shops. You can contact Kurt Urban at J&K Racing in Commerce, Michigan, via telephone at (248) 345-8169 or email at Billy Briggs can be reached by visiting Either one of these guys can help you out in your quest for more power for your LS engine.

The difference between the C38 kit and an STS kit is that the C38 is an engine-driven supercharger and the STS turbo is an exhaust-driven turbocharger that is mounted behind the catalytic converter. Either kit accomplishes the same goal of forcing more air into the cylinders of the engine than the atmospheric pressure can deliver on its own.

As for a capable performance shop in Arizona, we would recommend contacting Arizona Speed and Marine at (480) 753-0208 or

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