Big Custom
The Mothers car-show crew is hitting the road in style with the Chip Foose-inspired design on all 53-feet of this custom 18-wheeler. Equipped to satisfy the detailing needs of enthusiasts everywhere, the Mothers team is ready with new demonstrations and the latest detailing products. Check out for a complete show schedule.

Say What?
The staff speaks and you listen. It's that simple. This month's question is:
You find a magic bottle of Boone's sitting in the gutter outside your favorite truck show. When you rub it, a genie pops out the bottle and grants you three wishes that can only be used during that truck show. Once you leave the show, whatever you wished for vanishes forever. What do you ask for?

Kevin: First off, I'm not one to pick up junk on the ground. Secondly, I don't know where that bottle has been so why would I fondle it? Anyways, if I did magically get a genie to grant me wishes the first thing I wound want it the ability to fly. That's an ability I have always wanted to have. Then I would wish for unlimited wishes. I would also wish for the show to have no boundaries and never end. That way I can keep my unlimited amount of wishes.

Calin: Wish #1) The ability to read minds, so I can hear the all the crap showgoers think about. Wish #2) The ability to fix things just by touching them. That way, I could restore my truck to showroom condition. Wish #3) The ability to manipulate time, so the truck show would last long enough for me to totally exploit my new powers. When I leave the show, I'll lose my new abilities but I'll know who really says what they think and my truck will remain brand-new.

Mike: Wish #1) Unlimited wishes is too obvious so I'll just wish for the sun to be permanently stuck in the 6 p.m. position so that all my photos look killer. Wish #2) I'll wish for every truck at the show to be owned and driven by a super-hot chick. Just imagine that for a few minutes. Wish #3) All the free beer I could drink.

Andy: I swear this actually happened to me the last time I drank a bottle of Boone's. No really, halfway into the second bottle a genie really did pop out of there and grant me three wishes. My first wish was to never drink a bottle of Boone's ever again and make the voices go away. The second wish was let me be invisible for the rest of the night so nobody could see me make a drunken ass of myself. I never got to the third wish because I had passed out by that point.

Sport Truck
Slang Term O' The Month
#85: Sick (si?k)dj.
Not to be confused with having a cold, sick in truck terms means very good. So if someone says your truck is sick take it as a compliment. If someone calls you sick that is a different story.