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I'm interested in buying an early-'90s GMC all-wheel-drive truck-either a Syclone or a Typhoon. I'd be interested in hearing your opinion as to which is a better truck and which one has better long-term investment potential.
Marcus Brown
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They're both little rockets. Anyone who thinks V-6 engines are wimpy hasn't strapped themselves into one of these turbocharged terrors. The lighter-weight Syclone is capable of quarter-mile times in the low 13-second range. GMC claimed 0-to-60 times of less than five seconds. That's quick.

We've driven both trucks and we prefer the Typhoon. Even though it weighs a little more it's better balanced with more weight over the rear wheels. It's also more practical since it can carry additional passengers. The Syclone has very limited cargo capacity, so unless you need to haul lots of bicycles, the Typhoon is just as practical.

The '91-'92 Syclone was produced in greater quantities than the '92-'93 Typhoon. Rarity is always good for collectibility. A knock against the Syclone is that some of them were really hammered hard. Stay away from any examples that show signs of being drag-raced.

These were premium-priced trucks when new, and the finest examples haven't dropped much in price. Beat-up ones are much lower, but beware of a bargain Syclone/Typhoon that may need a new turbocharger. If you can afford it, buy the best possible example you can find.

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I have a question about the Homegrown Haulers section. If I were to send a pic of my truck, would it be published in the magazine or just on the website?
Kyle Cassidy
Sterling, Arkansas

Homegrown Haulers submissions can be sent to, and if the photos are nice they might end up in the magazine. If you'd like to see your truck on our website, please visit and click on the "Community" link at the top of the page. That will take you to a bitchin spot where you can show off all of your hard work and chat with other sport truck owners. Or, click here to go directly: Readers' Rides Community Page

I Wanna Be A Pinup!
My name is Mandy and I am a pinup model out of Las Vegas, Nevada. I am very interested in entering my photo for the pinup of the month. Thank you.
Mandy Kay
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All you hot models out there should send your sub-missions to

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