Blown Blazer
Could you guys tell me in what issue you supercharged the Trailblazer SS? Thanks.
Via email

Hey Fred,
Magnacharger supercharged that Trailblazer SS in the January 2008 issue of ST. The article appeared on page 98, but you can also find it online at Go to the fifth page of our tech article stories and read all about it.

A Sucker For The Steel
On the Sport Truck website there is a red Chevy Silverado with red steel wheels. I just bought my first issue of Sport Truck this month but I would like to get the issue that featured that truck or information on that truck. I recently purchased a 2008 Chevy Silverado that I would love to put steel wheels on. Thank you.
Layne Smith
Via email

Layne that truck was featured way back in the February 2007 issue of ST. Jason Logan owns it and its rollin' on 16x7 Stockton Wheel 51 Smoothie wheels up front with 5.5 inches of backspacing and 235/70R16 Uniroyal rubber.. In the rear, it's got 16x8s with 6.5 inches of backspacing and 265/70R16 Uniroyals.

Caddy Light Conversion Tips
I want to put Caddy taillights into my 2002 GMC Sierra, but I cannot find fillers that contain the lower portion of the body line. Where can I find fillers that have the body line in them, or do they even make them? Also has there ever been a "How-To" run in Sport Truck showing how to do that? Keep on with the Great Magazine!
Josh Taylor
Via email

There isn't a Caddy light conversion on the market that contains the body line of your truck. If you add an extra inch of sheetmetal to the bottom of any of the kits on the market, it will work in your truck. You just have to weld-in a taillight filler panel first and then cut out the area for the conversion bucket. You'll set the bucket into the hole, right up to the body line, leaving just enough metal sticking through the hole to tack weld the bucket into place. Then you'll simply cut off the excess material from the bucket and finish weld the bucket into place. That is how you install the light and make it appear that the body line is built into it. The conversion can be purchased from

The Baja Alternative
This is in response to Dion Hendricks' idea of building a Brat into a rally truck in the March '09 issue. I'm all for being different, but as you mentioned, finding a decent Brat to build upon is a long shot. How 'bout this? Try using a more recent Baja as a platform? Just a thought. Good luck with your build.
Don aka loudrango
Via email

The Baja would work well as a rally truck. It's definitely got the styling to fit the mold, it's available with a turbocharger, and there is a small amount of aftermarket support. It would still be a pricy build though. We'd love to see it happen anyway.

The Best Box
I am building an '01 S-10 and I have some good ideas for it but I am bagging it now and I need some more advice for my bed. I am tubbing it out but am not sure what else I need to do to bring it out. I've been thinking I should box it in and do something with the bottom. The bed is a big thing and you can really do some custom stuff.
Raymon Troyan
Via email

Hey Raymon,
You've got a lot of options to dress up your bed. The first decision you have to make is whether or not you want to show off or hide your custom rear suspension. If you've got beautiful welds and fabricated tube work then that's something you should highlight by leaving the area above it open to the world.

Since hauling cargo is no longer your gig, then you can get really crazy with custom sheetmetal tricks inside the bad. You can smooth out the inside walls with metal and then add some bead-rolled accents into the sheetmetal for even more character.

Take the custom bed theme a step further with a color-matched spray-in bedliner or build some compartments for audio equipment, tools, or air suspension accessories. You can even add Lexan doors to those compartments that you want to show off. The sky is the limit.

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