10 Mostly Worthless Facts
Obscure California Vehicle Code
Edition: 1996

1. CVC 35250: No vehicle or load shall exceed a height of 14 feet measured from the surface upon which the vehicle stands (the road), except that of a double-deck bus.
Basically "The Man" just crushed any donk owners' dreams about raisin' the roof.

2. CVC 26708.5: No person shall place, install, affix, or apply any transparent material upon the windshield, or side or rear windows, of any motor vehicle if the material alters the color or reduces the light transmittance of the windshield or side or rear windows.
This means no adding limo tint to the windows of your truck. The tint from the OEM is fine though.

3. CVC 27001: The horn shall not be used except as a theft alarm system or when reasonably necessary to insure safe operation of the vehicle.
But what about if my middle finger is broke?

4. CVC 27602: No person shall drive a motor vehicle which is equipped with a television receiver, screen, or other means of visually receiving a television broadcast which is located in the motor vehicle at any point forward of the back of the driver's seat, or which is visible to the driver while operating the motor vehicle.
That's funny, it doesn't mention anything about watching a DVD while you're out cruisin'.

5.CVC 28071: Every passenger vehicle registered in this state shall be equipped with a front bumper and with a rear bumper. This section shall not apply to any passenger vehicle that is required to be equipped with an energy absorption system pursuant to either state or federal law, or to any passenger vehicle which was not equipped with a front or rear bumper, or both, at the time that it was first sold and registered under the laws of this or any other state or foreign jurisdiction.
So does that mean that when I bought my '94 Toyota truck brand-new and it came without a rear bumper, that I didn't have to add one to be legit?

6.CVC 22516: No person shall leave standing a locked vehicle in which there is any person who cannot readily escape therefrom.
Huh? Are they talking about kids and dogs?

7.CVC 23109: No person shall engage in any motor vehicle speed contest on a highway. As used in this section, a motor vehicle speed contest includes a motor vehicle race against another vehicle, a clock, or other timing device.
There's about ten more sections within this one and none of them are good.

8.CVC 23110: Any person who throws any substance at a vehicle or any occupant thereof on a highway is guilty of a misdemeanor.
But it was just a soda officer! I was trying to clean the bird poop off of that guy's windshield. Seriously.

9.CVC 23120: No person shall operate a motor vehicle while wearing glasses having a temple width of one-half inch or more if any part of such temple extends below the horizontal center of the lense so as to interfere with the lateral vision.

10.CVC 24007.3: If a dealer, or a person holding a retail seller's permit, sells to an elderly low-income person, as defined in Section 39026.5 of the Health and Safety Code, a 1966 through 1970 model year motor vehicle which is not equipped, as required pursuant to Sections 436654 and 43656 of that code, with a certified device to control its exhaust emission of oxides of nitrogen, the dealer or such person, as the case may be, shall install the required certified device on the motor vehicle without cost to the elderly low-income person.
The moral of the story is don't screw a broke, old person when they buy an old truck from you.