Prove Your Conduct Was Necessary to Avoid Harm
Argue that you had to violate the exact wording of the vehicle code to avoid a serious and immediate danger to yourself. Here are some situations that may work:

1. You swerve across a double yellow line to avoid hitting another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, or other unexpected obstacle. If you had failed to take an evasive action, you would have been at high risk of being involved in an accident.

2. You are boxed in while driving in the right lane from the back and the left side by speeding cars. To avoid colliding with a car entering the highway from the right, you accelerate well beyond the posted limit.

Reader Stories From Hell
Here are a couple of stories from the forums at if you've got a cool story about your run in with the law, log on and let us know.

MOLDMAN66: I was with the usual suspects at the local parking lot hangout when I was "encouraged" to do a burnout when I was getting ready to leave. I had just finished doing a bunch of mods to the motor, so it was a requirement. There was a small puddle of water in the lot so I rolled thru it and laid one down in true John Force style, leaving a 100-foot wall of smoke in my wake. As I rolled to the stop sign and hit the turn signal, what pulls into the lot right next to me? Mr. Policeman. He stops, looks at the smoke everywhere, looks at me, I laugh and make my turn! It still makes me laugh. He was not as amused and proceeded to chase me down and pull me over about two blocks away. He could not "prove" I did it, and I claimed it was a car that headed the other way in the lot. I got the usual "Next time, I'm going to give you a ticket for every piece that is not stock, under the hood; chrome, headers, exhaust, blah blah blah." No ticket issued that time!

Here's one my friend did: Rolling down a two-lane street and the right lane has to merge left into one lane. My buddy is in the left lane and in the right lane next to him is a cruiser. The cop wants to get in front of my buddy so he speeds up, and so does my buddy. One goes faster, the other goes even faster; see where it's going? The cop cannot stop in time and goes off the road into a ditch! It cost my buddy over $3,000 for his lawyer to "arrange" for it to be dismissed in court. The cop was pissed! The look on his face was worth every last dollar my friend spent!

TBONE19: About a year and half ago I was pulled over for my stereo being too loud. I was sitting in a turning lane and before I knew it a cop pulls up to my truck. I figured there's not much you can do at this point, so I left it up and waited for the signal. He stuck his hand out the window and pointed for me to pull over. He walks up to the truck and asks me, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" I play dumb and say no. He said, "I was four cars behind you with my radio on, windows up, and you were still shaking my mirrors." I told him to wait a year and it would be worse. Two weeks later, I was in court over it and cost me $200, but it's well worth it. About five months later, I got pulled over again for the same thing but ended up spending time in jail. My license was suspended from failure to go to traffic school, window tint too dark, red neon lights, no seat belt, stereo too loud, and they tried to say my truck was too low, oh and failure to provide proof of insurance. I spent 10 hours in jail before I went to court and everything got dropped.

3 Defenses that Will Not Get You Out of a Speeding Ticket
Saying you were driving with the flow of traffic. If everyone else is breaking the speed limit, it doesn't make it OK for you to do it too. Besides, you just admitted to breaking the law.

2. Saying your speedometer was broken at the time you were given the ticket. It's your responsibility to ensure your truck is functioning properly.

3. Saying the officer was rude to you will not excuse you breaking the law.