Traffic Cam Rage Turns Deadly
In Phoenix, Arizona, a 68-year-old man, Thomas Destories, reportedly opened fire on a mobile traffic cam van, used to photograph vehicles breaking the speed limit on Highway 101. Fifty-one-year-old Doug Georgianni was unfortunately killed during the ambush. Redflex Traffic Systems, the company Georgianni worked for, had reported that Arizona is the first in the country to implement a photo enforcement program statewide. This is also not the first time the cameras have caused an uproar: a pickax attack on a fixed camera in Phoenix resulted in probation and a fine for the 26-year-old perpetrator.

Redflex Traffic Systems said that since its statewide contract in Arizona took effect on September 26, 2008, "fatal collisions have been reduced by 29 percent" and claims, citing the state's Department of Public Safety: "Three fewer fatalities per month can be attributed to the state's safety program."

GMC Sticking Around?
As recently as April, GM's CEO, Fritz Henderson, said that although the company may have to file bankruptcy, it is not considering cutting itself down to just one brand name in its truck line. According to Henderson (and as of this publication's press time), GMC is not on the chopping block. This is good news because we dig the front end of GMC pickups more than Chevys and it would suck to have one less choice for a new ride.

Ex-Big League Baseball Player Killed While Working on His Truck
Mark "The Bird" Fidrych, who won 19 games as a pitcher during the 1976 season with the Detroit Tigers, died April 13th when the truck he was working on fell on him. Fidrych was 54 years old. He gained the nickname "The Bird" thanks to his uncanny resemblance to the television character, Big Bird. He won the 1976 Rookie of the Year award and finished second in Cy Young Award voting that year. His career was cut short by injuries, and he played his final game in 1980.

10 Mostly Worthless Facts
Right now, Mike is trying hard not to "phone in" this column because he's leaving town on a four-day vacation.

2. Ford's 3 millionth truck was assembled May 12, 1936, at the Rouge Plant in Dearborn, Michigan.

3. The Big Block From Hell has been rebuilt three times. The first time was due to a camshaft that prematurely wore out. The second rebuild was the result of Mike being too aggressive with the ignition timing advance during the first nitrous dyno test. The engine faded a set of rod bearings during that test. Let's hope we don't need to do it again because we are fresh out of shop towels and patience.

4. Mike's been through three laptops so far this year because he's got zero luck when it comes to IT personnel or computers.

5. Calin's finally getting around to putting the new V-6 in his Dime. He's taking next week off work to get it done. No more life in the slow lane for Mr. Salty.

6. Kevin Aguilar no longer works with us. We have no clue if he's moved on to bigger and better things, but he did leave a box of corn dogs in the freezer for us to munch on.

7. If you're ever in Texas, you must have lunch at a Rudy's BBQ. Trust us, it's the bomb.

8. Our next cover truck will have LS7 Corvette power and looks that could kill.

9. No IT personnel were harmed during the making of this issue of Sport Truck.

10. We've been to Dollywood. There were no boobs present on any of the rides. If you ever attend a truck show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, you can see for yourself.