Say What?
The staff speaks and you listen. It's that simple. This month's question is:

Editor's Note: Kevin Aguilar no longer works with us so our resident mini-trucker and Webmistress, Monica Thompson, is putting in her two cents worth from now on.

Monica: The fastest I've ever driven on a public road was during a magazine road trip aimed at testing 12 new fullsize pickup trucks and SUVs. Considering that we were in the middle of Death Valley, where there was no cell phone reception, I had no option but to stay with the group. Driving in a group that size, it somehow seems that the leader always says he went no faster than 60 mph, while the guys in the back claim they are pinned the whole time and still losing ground. Well, that was the case with this trip, as I found myself towards the back of the pack. So, pinned in a 5.7L V-8 Hemi Dodge Ram or 5.4L Ford F-150 is the fastest I've ever been. Let's not forget that this trip was the only time I've ever been pulled over for speeding.

Calin: If you are talking about my S-10, then maybe 78 mph. The motor is so tired, that's all it will do. The fastest I have ever driven was in my uncle Gary's Dodge Viper. We did a story way back when called "Lightning vs. the World." We pitted stock and modified Ford Lightning trucks against muscle cars, including the Viper. Half way to the track, my uncle stopped and passed me the keys. The track was in the boonies and there was a long stretch of road ahead and I just couldn't help myself. I pushed the car up to 150 mph before I ran out of cajones and had to slow down. I wasn't scared of the speed; I was scared that the police would bust me. At that speed, I'm sure I would have lost my license.

Mike: Everything I own is a pile these days so I don't really drive that fast. I have allegedly done a buck sixty in someone else's Corvette Z06 though.

Andy: Back when I first got my truck, I just had to break it in and see what it could do. There's a section of freeway that is pretty straight and on the downside of a big hill. I think I hit the midsection of the down slope going at least 110. When you get going that fast in a truck with stock suspenion, the sweat bullets start coming out pretty fast.

Sport Truck Slang Term O' The Month
#9,956: yard sale (yrd-sal)
n. A yard sale usually consists of a bunch of junk that you don't really want, tossed onto the front lawn with the hope that someone will take your junk away and pay you for it. For our purposes though, a yard sale is a term used to describe someone who has no clue what they are doing and who will make a mess of things. Try this sentence on for size: "That guy is such a yard sale, he's installing air shocks on a 1-ton truck."