Need New Beams
I have almost had it with trying to lower my 1981 Ford F-100! I've looked everywhere for a kit with no luck. If anyone can help me it would be appreciated.
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Don't do anything drastic like trade your Ford for a Chevy. We have the answer. We checked with Joy at Chassis Tech and the company offers a set of 3-inch dropped beams (part number IBE-FO8081) for $489.00, but you need to locate a set of '82-'86 F-150 spindles to go along with them. The front shocks (part number SHO-FO6596F-BX) will run ya $39.00 each. The rear can be dropped using a pair of 2-inch shackles (SHA-FO-6581A) at $69.00 a pair, combined with 2-inch hangers (part number HAN-FO-7396) at $119.00. Again, shocks (part number SHO-FO-8096R-AX) will run $39.00 each. Send us some photos of your Ford as soon as you've dropped it. We'd love to see it. For more information, visit

On Lock-Down
Yesterday, I was working outside and listening to the radio in my Dodge Ram. I forgot to turn off the radio before going to bed. This morning, the battery was dead and I tried to jump-start the engine from my son's car. The engine wouldn't even turn over. My Dodge has 60,000 hard miles, so I went to AutoZone and purchased and installed a new battery. Still no luck-engine doesn't turn over, not even a click from the starter. The red security light is on and the transmission range indicator (PRND21) is not displayed. Does anyone have any ideas about the source of my truck's problem?
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We called McPeek's Anaheim Dodge dealership in Anaheim, California, for the answer to this one. The tech we spoke with offered this advice:

Step 1: Lock and unlock the doors with the remote and then see if the engine will start. If it doesn't, then proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Manually lock and unlock the driver-side door using the key (with the door shut) and then try and start the truck. If it still doesn't start, go to step 3.

Step 3: The problem is likely caused by a fusible link for the starter circuit, which blew out when you installed the new battery. Look under the cover of the fuse box and it will tell you which link to test and replace.

This isn't a Dodge Ram fuse box but it does get the point across. On the right side, you can see your standard mini fuses in red and yellow colors. On the left side of the box are the larger fusible links, in green and black. Due to their size, most standard fuses are only offered up to 30 amps, and the larger fusible links start at 40-amp capacity and go up from there. Fusible links are routinely used for larger amperage drawing circuits like the starter motor.

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