Time waits for no man. It catches up with all of us. If you wait too long to finish your truck, your wheels will be outdated. If we wait too long to print photos of your truck, then some other magazine will beat us to the punch and then our stuff will be old news. 2009 brought hurricane-like change to our industry, much of which we'd like to forget about over a case of beer. But, it wasn't all doom and gloom. Sure, we did have manufacturers going bankrupt left and right, but in the midst of an economic recession we also saw some of the coolest trucks ever built. We paired most of them with super hot models and added in some killer tips for building your ride. Our favorite moments from '09 are presented here and we aren't just rehashing the old stuff. We dug into the archives to find never-before-seen outtake photos from all of the shoots that made the mag. So sit back and enjoy our look back into '09.

'09 Andy Mock's Favorites
Favorite Tech:
10 Minutes With John Law
What issue:
Why andy Picked It:
I really like this article for the fact that we sat down with an actual police officer and got some inside information on how to beat a ticket. Luckily, I haven't had the opportunity to try out some of the tips mentioned in the article, but it's nice to know I have a good source of knowledge if I ever need it.

'09 Calin Head's Favorites
Favorite model:
Heather Rae
What issue:
August, September, October, November
Why Calin Picked Her:
This wasn't a hard one for me. In the August issue we had a cop theme and I busted my butt getting the costume and all the little accessories for the shoot. Heather Rae was so hot she could have made a potato sack look good, but once she was in the costume my opinion of officers lightened up a bit. I could only imagine getting pulled over and she comes walking up. I might have to act up just a bit just to see if I'd get frisked. As cool as that sounds in my head the reality would be I'd get busted by Officer Bubba, who hates guys who drive custom trucks.