Day - 4 Friday
Greenville Or Bust
The morning started off with good news. Carey made it into town driving Matt's truck early in the morning after driving for two days straight. The truck had made it the whole way with only minimal issues and was ready to roll through Mississippi later that night. Everyone met up and was on the road by 10 o'clock with only one thing on their minds: getting into Greenville. The long line of trucks cruised east on Interstate 40, making good time, and only had to stop once to change a flat on the lead vehicle. From there, it was on to Conway, Arkansas, to pick up even more trucks, take a quick lunch break, and then get back to the freeway thanks to a police escort. After a few hours of driving through Arkansas, the final gas stop was made in Dumas and a quick head count was made. Much to the surprise of all, more than 80 custom trucks filled up the gas station, surrounding roads and parking lots. When everyone was finished filling up, a huge line was formed and the final stretch of road began passing under each truck. News came in just as the convoy headed over the Mississippi river that Greenville had been stuck under heavy rain clouds throughout the day, but it had finally started to lighten up. All eyes turned to watch the procession of trucks as the convoy entered Greenville and turned onto Highway 82. It had taken four days and seven states to make it into Mississippi, and there wasn't a person aboard the trip that wouldn't do it again. To join next year's cruise, contact Carey or anyone else at IF Customs at (818) 837-3000,