Rapstar Akineyle teamed up with Drop Jaw's own rap celebrity, Mike Pilgreen, as the curtain opened to reveal a pair of smokin'-hot customs on stage along with a pair of equally hot chicks doing their thing on dancing platforms. Music from Matt Jones' Carolina Entertainment got the girls and the crowd motivated. The bikini contest and wet T-shirt contest heated things up even more, with the girls working hard to earn some cash. The competition was tough and temperatures soared, but gorgeous Nicole took home the $500 prize. The afterparty continued the fun till the wee hours of the morning.

Guys had opportunities to score some cash as well. The Sunday morning Hydro Demo saw serious hydraulic and air action, with the switchmen putting on a quality show for the cheering crowd. Two of the trucks were within a degree or two of rolling over. Davey, from Above Reality, captured the winner-take-all, $500 prize. Once the flames and hydraulic spills were contained, the combination of noise, smoke, and rubber dust was next on the agenda, as the burn-out contestants fired up their motors and the fans. Charleston truckers came prepared, rolling in with high-horsepower rides capable of disintegrating tires at will. Kevin did it best in his big-block Chevy C10, pocketing $200 for his efforts. From smoking tires to twangy guitars, the crowd shifted its attention to the hard-rockin' sounds of Quench on the main stage. It was the perfect lead in to the awards ceremony, where more than 125 drivers added a Drop Jaw trophy to their collection. Check out the details about the rest of the Highway Invasion tour on www.dropjawmag.com. This is entertainment you won't want to miss.