After all of the judging was done and the "Best Of" winners were chosen, it was time to give out the trophies to the lucky few. But, unlike most shows, when awards were over, the show still had plenty for everyone to enjoy. A dragging area, located a mile or so from the show site, was set up, or in this case, blocked off to any traffic and provided plenty of spectator parking and watching space. Even though this year's show was a one-day event, the nighttime activities would make most two- or three-day shows jealous. A flat, five-lane road was blocked off by the local city and Hamblen County officers to allow anyone who took the time to register for the drag-off to shower the onlookers with sparks and light up the night sky without risking a ticket or hitting a stray vehicle. The first few passes were multi-vehicle drags that lit up the sky more than a three-alarm fire. Speaking of fire, there did happen to be a small fire when a guy dragged though his gas tank on his first pass. But, since the drag area was controlled by the city of Morristown, there were plenty of fire trucks full of trained professionals to quickly put out the flames and clear the road for the next round of hard-core 'railing.

Once the first few rounds of multi-vehicle drags were done, local street-bike stunt team Str8-Up Stunterz wowed the crowd with gravity-defying tricks at almost racing speeds. Once they were done with their show, it was time for the individual dragging. This pretty much went as smooth as the multi-drags, with the exception of Sport Truck almost losing one of its photographers, when a door-dragging Nissan lost control and slid sideways straight toward the camera. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of that moment, because his job title changed from Show Photographer to Olympic Sprinter in order to get out of harm's way. But, being the experienced dragger, the Nissan's owner regained control before any damage was done.

With the first show out of the way and a huge chunk of money donated to the local United Way office, it was time for the 2006 show plans to be made. With this show running out of room early, plans for a bigger location were already made before any trophies were given out. It has also been bumped from a one-day show to a weekend event to allow even more fun for everyone. For more information on this year's show or to check into the 2006 show, check out or give Jeffrey a call at (865) 523-1255.