Saturday night, however, is when the real action begins. The crowd of several thousand gathered around the huge stage, knowing they were in for a treat. Fear Factor-type games led off the entertainment, with contestants enjoying such delicacies as jalapeno peppers, pickled pigs' feet, and worms to demonstrate their courage. The winners were rewarded with concert tickets and cash. And, cash was also the attraction for the bikini contest, with more than a dozen of the area's finest Southern Belles, looking for a share of the $850 prize money. Hundreds of digital cameras went into overload from the red-hot action. The wet T-shirt contest continued the fun, and another $500 was presented to the beautiful winner. For many, the on-site camping facilities at the fairgrounds meant the afterparty would last until dawn.

Sunday morning started quietly out of respect for those who partied heartily the night before, but like all other Slam Session events, the action was nonstop. The Sunday fun, aptly named "Hangover Games," helped to ease many back into the world of the living with the egg toss, amp toss, bat spin, and tug of war. The National Sound Pressure League held its stereo contest throughout the weekend, giving the audiophiles a chance to register some big numbers, gain some bragging rights, and score some trophies. The hydraulic contest pitted some of the area's most enthusiastic switchmen against each other, all looking for the big cash prizes. Animated Attractions had the green ready and the winners of the hop-'n'-dance competition pocketed $500 each. New to Slam Session this year was the burnout contest, and judging by its popularity, it will probably become a regular part of the show. The $250 prize handed to the top smoker helped replace some of the rubber he had converted to dust in the process. The awards ceremony was also a combination of gold and cash, with more than 400 trophies awarded to talented customizers.

For most events, that would have been the end of it and everyone would have gone home happy. However, at Slam Session, the best was yet to come. As a matter of fact, there were 10 Best Of categories, and each paid excited class winners a cool $500. Trash 4 Cash fattened club treasuries by $500, $250, and $100 for the three largest trash piles. The overall Best of Show winner, Glenn Krofchic, from New Bern, North Carolina, received his cash award for his sweet '67 F-100, a $1,000 check that was in addition to all the rest of the fun that weekend. Magazine crews including Sport Truck were on hand to immortalize your ride, making it a truly memorable event for those selected. If you'd like to experience the excitement at this long-running Carolina event (and maybe score some cash to really bump up the adrenaline), put the 2006 Slam Session on your calendar now. For details about next year's show, check the club website,