Picture this-you're on an island with tons of rad trucks, cool people, and hot girls in bikinis. Isn't that like one of the things you sit back and daydream about, when you sit around with your friends and share what you would take with you if you were on an island? You dream about all the pleasures in life and wish that you could trap them all together for yourself.

That's pretty much the idea of how the 9th annual Audiobahn Spring Break Jam went down. First of all, you start with an island in South Texas, a place that is known to host parties during Spring Break. It is dedicated to the time of the year when college students forget all responsibilities and fly out to a beach resort. Then, you pull some of the coolest trucks in Texas to make for one kick-ass show.

The show originated as an event to host a good, little audio competition. Over time, show trucks made their way to the event and, soon enough, have taken it over in a total domination of the show. What was a gathering of vehicles with just bumpin' audio systems has turned into a full custom truck show with some of the baddest trucks from near and far.

For the '06 show season, Texas Heat Wave has expanded its name to include four shows throughout the state of Texas. Under the name "Feel the Heat Tour," the first stop on the traveling circus' journey is the Spring Break Jam. Since it is a show notorious for throwing it down big, the crew at Heat Wave Incorporated made the decision to make this show the first destination of the tour.

It was one hell of a way to start off the show season with this big party. It seemed like the party had already started before the show even got there. The long stretch of hotels that lined the few miles of island were filling up. As the show came to the convention center, South Padre exploded with big crowds that were there to chill out and have a straight-up good time. With less than a mile to get from the east to the west side of the island, you didn't have to go far to enjoy the very scenic beaches.