The Southern California truck show scene went through a dark period a few years back. Long-running shows disappeared right around the time it was once again cool to lift a two-wheel-drive truck. These things happen in cycles. For a few years, lowered trucks are where it's at and then lifted trucks are the bomb again. Right now, things are evening out a bit, and the latest installment of Truck Jam proves it.

The show had a ton of hammered pickups and a bunch of sky'd ones, as well. It also provided a nice selection of alternative entertainment, if you aren't into staring at body mods and suspensions all day long.

OK, there are plenty of body mods in the bikini contest, but that's not the same now, is it?

Truck Jam had it all. Monster trucks crushing Chrysler K cars fresh from the junkyard and a truck hopping contest that really put to rest the myth that airbags won't boost a truck in the air like a hydraulic cylinder can. The Slam Specialties hopper stood on its bumper to let everyone know what's up with 'bags. Perhaps one of the best aspects of this show, though, is that since it's held in south Orange County, you are guaranteed plenty of blonde-haired eye candy if you show up. We got the pictures to prove that. Check it out.