Show Name: Showfest
Dates: May 20-21, 2006
Venue: Washington County Fairgrounds in Greenville, Mississippi
Spectator Attendance: 6,200
Total Vehicle Entrants: 725
Special Awards Given: Custom billet Best of Show awards, built by Kaik Products.

Fast Facts:
* The showgrounds are basically around the corner from Highway 82, where all the hotels are lined up. Since the majority of the showgoers travel to this show, they stay at these hotels and usually have a big party down the strip. That's what made this show one of the biggest of the season.
* The local police department is usually cool with the partying and dragging down the street.
* Unfortunately, this year, local gangs disrupted the partying on Saturday night. Cops had to stop the crowds and break up the scene in full force.
* Club Assorted puts on this event, and they are looking out for truck guys. In doing so, they have realized that the show cannot be held in the same place again, and at press time, next year's event is up in the air.

Special Events:
Usually anything is fair game as long as it don't hurt anyone else.
Sponsors: Kaik Products

Contact for Future Events:

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