During last summer's show season, a new surprise event hit the scene. The new show was called Havoc, and it turned some heads in its first year of operation. The concept was to have a show run by magazine editors who wanted to give back to those who support the business. And with that mentality, it was destined to succeed.

Sport Truck's history has been full of shows put on by staffers throughout the country. It had been a while since there was an official Sport Truck event, though, so it was time to put on a new one. Louisville, Kentucky, was picked as the hometown for this new show, and its downtown convention center was to be the venue of choice. The convention center was a good pick, as the indoor benefits include not worrying about getting bitten from bugs and the luxuries of air conditioning during the show.

The turnout for the first event was moderate but decent enough for us to return for another. So, this year, it was on like Donkey Kong, and we had a new plan. The decision was made to take over the nation with a couple of caravans rolling across several states, each one bound for Havoc. It took just a few phone calls to pull vehicles from different parts of the country and dominate the highways leading into Louisville.