From there, we ended up sweet-talking Bill Carlton of Ekstensive Metalworks to lead one leg of the caravan from Houston, Texas. We flew out to his shop, and from there, we made a 15-hour drive to Louisville. It was a good trip, which we used to get a little more familiar with the living legend of Bill Carlton. Through the hours of travel, we shared some stories and passed some good times along the way.

The other leg of the cruise was photographed by freelancer Brandon Burrell, as he tagged along with a few rides that made their way from Florida. They headed to the same destination but started from a different area. There were also smaller groups that came from far off locales like Canada and New York. Together, we roamed though the states letting people know that we were out to cause havoc.

When everyone got into town, we were happy to arrive there safely and timely without any breakdowns or setbacks. The second year of the show seemed to get even better than the first and kicked ass with nothing but high-quality vehicles-that made everyone's trip worthwhile. If all goes well, the cruise next year should be expanding just like the success of the show.