How does this sort of thing happen, really? SEMA is a trade show, yet it draws rock stars, movie stars, fabricators, television personalities, and wannabes to the Las Vegas Hilton Convention Center the first week of November each year. It also draws about 400,000 folks like us to sweat out the 30-plus miles of carpeted aisles jammed with aftermarket auto parts. You want to know why this show is so popular? It's because it combines the four basic food groups of automotive customization success: amazing trucks, hot women, parts we can't afford but love to look at, and beer. It's true. Beer is sold in every hall of the convention center, so that if you aren't working and trying to look respectable like us, you can drink yourself silly while gawking at spokesmodels and rappers. Heck, if you are really into building trucks, you can even tackle guys like Boyd Coddington or Chip Foose as they walk the floor. That might get you kicked out, so save the tackling for the end of the show.

The Women
The second coolest thing about this show is the willingness of the aftermarket companies to hire hotties just to draw attention to their booths. Oftentimes, the chicks have no clue about the product they are supposed to be pushin', but that's OK because we really don't listen when they talk, anyway.

Things That Made Us Go "Hmmmm"