The 411

Show name:
Relaxed Atmosphere All-Star Event

September 2-3, 2006

Venue (city/state):
USA Stadium, Millington, Tennessee

Spectator attendance:

Total vehicle entrants:

Special awards given:
All of the awards given out were acrylic trophies.

Fast facts:
Relaxed Atmosphere judges select the Top 75 vehicles for recognition. The RA staff was able to fit 16 people on a golf cart and still be able to drive it. Tito can run the 100-yard dash in 7-1/2 seconds. RA gives part of the proceeds to the ALS foundation.

Special events:
On Saturday night, there was only one stage event, the banana-swallowing contest. It was definitely a sight to behold, and we are just going to leave it at. There were several talented girls who knew how to work it.

Big Willie's Rod Shop, Bullocks Body Werks, Drop 'Em Wear?, Gaylord's Truck Bed Lids, Grant Kustoms, Kinetik, Little Shop of Horrors, MA Audio, Silver Star Customs, Slik Monkey Customs, Twin State Customs, and West Coast Customs.

Contact for future events:
Chris, (270) 898-8996, (270) 366-1271; Jerry, (901) 212-7497