The 411:Show name:Southeast Showdown 2006

Dates:July 20-22, 2006

Venue (city/state):Anderson County Fairgrounds, in Anderson, South Carolina

Spectator attendance:2,800

Total vehicle entrants:483

Special awards given:A custom billet trophy, in memory of fallen club brother Danny Rowe, given to the person/club that best shows that they are in the sport because they love it not just because of the trophies. For 2006, it was presented to the Pebble Pushers club, of North Carolina. Also, a custom-made gear trophy was given to the Best Under-Construction vehicle, in memory of fallen club brother Paul Bullis, who passed away in spring, 2006. There are many cash payouts for Best Ofs. In 2007, they will give $1,000 to the Best Debuting Ride, as well as cash to Best Mini Truck, Best Lowrider, Best Classic, Best Fullsize, Best 4x4, Best Rod, Club with most entries, and the bikini contest winner.

Fast facts:This was the first year that Southeast Showdown was a total Acrophobia show. They had more than 95 members in attendance from more than 10 chapters, nationwide. In 2007, the show will be adding more show attendant parking, as well as a traditional rod show.

Special events:There was plenty to enjoy, including a bikini contest and a dragging contest. In addition to the rest of the show, next year, the band MotorBilly will be playing during the nighttime events. For more information about MotorBilly, check out the band's website,

Sponsors:All Goods of Anderson, Custom Sound e.f.x., Tint Plus, Devious Designs, and 6gear

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