The 411
Show Name:
Heritage 2K6

September 9-10, 2006

Venue (City/State):
Whitesburg, Kentucky

Spectator Attendance:
More than 7,500, including nighttime festivities

Total Vehicle Entrants:
More than 275

Special Awards Given:
The best of the best walked away with trophies for Best Dragger, Best Unfinished, Best of Show, and more.

Fast Facts:
It's Kentucky's biggest mini-truck show, with vehicles from seventeen states. The mayor and city officials get out and watch all the dragging on Main Street. And, of course, there are people dragging their trucks everywhere, and there are no ropes and no waivers-dragging is allowed anywhere in town.

Special Events:
Keeping it simple, this show involves just the dragging. When it comes to finding a perfect spot to host a show, the new thing to do is to find a spot that will allow dragging. Lee Caudill took this search to the next level and found a town that would allow dragging anywhere in town. Fortunately, this town just happened to be his hometown of Whitesburg, Kentucky. Since it is such a small, sleepy town with a population of only 1,200, you would think that this is the type of activity they wouldn't want to have around. But, all the locals seem to support Lee's show and come out to see all the "fancy trucks throw sparks." Now when we say that they allow dragging anywhere in town, we literally mean anywhere and any time of day or night. We even talked one of the local police officers into taking the keys from someone and dragging past the hotel. That's something you don't see everyday.

Letcher County Parks Board, People's Bank and Trust of Hazard, Community Trust, and Elkhorn Drug. Special thanks go to Graphic Disorder.

Contact For Future Events:; Lee, (606) 633-4823