Top 11 Items You Should Pack
While it sounds so simple-just pack up your stuff and go-how well you plan your road trip can make the difference between fun and frustration.

1. The backpack should hold all of your important materials: wallet/purse, cell phone, camera, keys (if not in ignition), gum, travel information such as reservation documents, maps, and so on, and the latest issue of Sport Truck magazine.

2. Bring snacks for the trip and to have during your stay. We sometimes will stop at a local store and pick up some snacks to have in the room. Gatorade or Kool-Aid powder is handy, as well. You will probably want a cooler, even if you're staying at a hotel that has one.

3. A pillow is a must, if you're prone to neck aches when staying in hotels. On the other hand, the crescent-shaped neck pillows sold at airports work well if you are sleeping during the drive.

4. A med kit is important but doesn't have to be extensive. It's nice to have Band-Aids, aspirin, aloe (for sunburns), and other such things handy.

5. Keep a small selection of tools, such as a flashlight, adjustable wrench, pliers, or duct tape-or zip ties for you die-hard mini-truckers-handy for a minor problem that might arise. Keep extra air line and air line fittings, including unions to bypass any air system components that might fail. Make sure your roadside jack is in good working order, and check where it connects to the vehicle in order to lift it properly.

6. Of course, you will want to take your own toiletries: Soap and shampoo-you also might want your own products if you suffer from allergies-Q-tips, a brush and a comb, dental care supplies, shaving kit, nail/skin care and makeup, and so on. Also, pack a travel blow-dryer, since not all hotels provide them. We all know how testy girlfriends can get if they don't have their makeup and stuff.

7. Appropriate clothes for the duration of the trip. Check to see what Mother Nature will dish out during your trip. If you travel in early fall or spring, be prepared for temperatures to swing either way and bring a jacket.

8. Don't buy new shoes the day before you leave for your trip. If you don't own some already, buy them a month or two before the trip and break them in. Making this mistake of buying new shoes just before a show, you will end up with blisters the size of pancakes.

9. Sunglasses-don't leave home without them-no matter what time of year it is. It can be downright dangerous to drive during the day without them.

10. A camera or video camera are a pain to lug around but well worth it. You don't want to miss your friend, Larry, using the third story window as a high dive.

11. Last but not least, don't forget your detailing gear. Use one of those big Rubbermaid storage bins to store it in. Be sure to use large Ziploc bags to separate the different applicators, such as foam wax pads in one bag and clean towels in another.