Every year in April, Truckin' magazine kicks off its Lake Havasu, Arizona, show with a cruise from Cali. This year, there were a few changes, though. The show was renamed Havoc and combined with Sport Truck and Mini Truckin' magazine's successful Kentucky-based event. More importantly, the cruise to Havasu was shortened up, substantially,to make it a bit less strenuous on participants. Instead of stopping in five or six locations and backtracking along the way, we made just three scheduled stops, and boy, were they good ones. Check it out.

Ultra Wheel
We hit Ultra Wheel shortly after dawn and found about 20 trucks on hand to check out the wheel manufacturer's digs and also to win a free set of rims. Cruise participants were able to sign up for the show, chow down free doughnuts, and B.S. in the parking lot for a couple of hours before hitting the road.

We are lucky enough to have a Hooters restaurant in the same parking lot as our office, so naturally, we diverged the cruise that way for free wings and eye candy. The suds didn't hurt matters, either.

JBM just happened to be celebrating 20 years in business when we stopped by with 40 trucks in tow. The company, which is popular for its front-end conversions and chrome accessories, raffled off a set of rims and billet grilles to cruise participants.

On The Road Again:
A few lucky cruisers followed us through two hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic in order to take a brief detour just outside of Barstow, California. The detour included a quick photo shoot on the side of the highway.