Mike's Pick
Favorite show:
Brothers Show 'n' Shine
What issue:
November 2007
Where you saw it:
Page 140
Why Mike Picked It:
I'm a fiend for classic trucks, and although this show isn't huge, the quality of rides that show up to hang out with the crew from Brothers is pretty amazing. It's a nice, relaxing day with good people and hot trucks. What more can you ask for, besides free beer?

Galen's Pick
Favorite Show:
Forbidden Fantasy Show 'N' Shine
What Issue:
August 2007
Where You Saw It:
Page 134
Why Galen Picked It:
Yeah, I said it...so what if I am a member of the club that put on the show? What show can you go to and see 700 nice show vehicles and a limited amount of Lambo doors? Plus, it is the largest one-day show thrown by a mini-truck club in the nation. Need I say more?