Nascar Craftsman Truck Series Race Schedule

Feb. 15 Daytona
Feb. 23 California
Mar. 7 Atlanta
Mar. 29 Martinsville
Apr. 26 Kansas
May 16 Charlotte
May 24 Mansfield
May 30 Dover
June 6 Texas
June 14 Michigan
June 20 Milwaukee
June 28 Memphis
July 12 Kentucky
July 25 O'Reilly Raceway Park (ORP)
Aug. 9 Nashville
Aug. 20 Bristol
Sept. 6 Gateway
Sept. 13 New Hampshire
Sept. 20 Las Vegas
Oct. 4 Talladega
Oct. 18 Martinsville
Oct. 25 Atlanta
Oct. 31 Texas
Nov. 7 Phoenix
Nov. 14 Homestead-Miami

10 Mostly Worthless Facts
1 In 1976, Ford offered a dual-displacement engine that was changeable from a six-cylinder to three-cylinder when cruising at highway speeds for better fuel economy. Put that in your hybrid pipe and smoke it!

2 did you know that monster truck tires are 66 inches tall and 43 inches wide? We wonder how much lift it would take to fit those on an S-10.

3 The change from F-1 to F-100 happened in the same year as Ford's golden anniversary, 1953

4 According to, you can remove grease from clothes by adding a can of Coke when you run the washing machine.

5 The same site also says easy-Off oven cleaner will remove oil stains from the driveway.

6 Chevy's 4L60e transmission isn't just a random number: 4 = four forward speeds, L = longitudinally mounted, 60 = relative torque handling capacity, e = electronically controlled.

7 A pound of potato chips costs 200 times more than a pound of potatoes. That sour cream and onion powder must be made of gold!

8 The first factory-assembled pickup was called the Ford Model T Runabout with Pickup Body. it debuted in 1925 and sold for $281.

9 An airbag moves as much as 4,500 mph with a force of 200 Gs. That's a lot of force just to save your face.

10 in Ventura County, California, cats and dogs are not allowed to have sex without a permit. How much does that permit cost?

Say What?The staff speaks and you listen. it's that simple. This month's question is:

MiKe: Jeff davy of devious Customs fame had this crew-cab dualie that he wanted to bodydrop. We spent a lot of late nights working on it together. One night, i was cutting and welding the bed floor back together (with the proper eye protection i might add) and ended up taking some metal right in the ol' eyeball. it didn't happen while i was working on the truck though. We quit working rather late, and i crashed at his house. i was covered in metal shavings and used the air compressor in the shop to clean my clothes off. i guess i didn't get everything off because while taking a shower later that night i washed some metal that was stuck in my hair right into my eye. i thought it would wash out, but it didn't. Since i was so tired, i went to sleep anyway, figuring that i could deal with it the next day. i woke up the next morning with a migraine and blurred vision. i ended up having to see an optometrist, who used a small drill to get the metal out of my eyeball. it wasn't the most painful injury i've ever had working on a truck, but it was certainly the scariest injury because it really made me think about how crappy it would be to lose my sight.